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Art and Essay Contest Winner

Asha Irani's entries for the 6-7 age group were the winning entries in both the art and the essay categories. Asha will be receiving two Winky and Wonder books signed by the author, and her winning entries will be posted here for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, Montessori Centre Academy received a $50.00 donation from the author.

Please see Asha's lovely artwork and read her heartwarming essay below. If you click on either of them, you can download and print them in fullsize:

Winning essay entry by Asha. This image links to a PDF. Winning Illustration by Asha. This image links to a PDF.

The Story...

Winky and Wonder are two courageous Whisper Children from a mysterious place called Whisperland. Invisible to humans' eyes and unheard by their ears, Winky and Wonder whisper directly to human children's hearts, encouraging them to listen to what they already know deep inside.

Told with humor and excitement, these tales of adventure and triumph-over-evil present lessons about virtues, moral choices, accountability for one's own actions, forgiveness, and life's realities.

Children and adults are invited to join Winky and Wonder as they discover unseen forces of good and evil while embarking upon important missions to help human children. Adults may wish to read the book aloud with children, as this will open up opportunities to discuss personal values and experiences together.